Vasiliki Karlin

 Nayked Botantical LogoVicki Karlin of Greek descent,  resides on South Florida’s sublime Intercoastal with her family.   A successful business entrepreneur she is distinguished as one of Florida’s most sought after Paramedical Estheticians.  Much of her career was devoted to the care and instruction of Pre and Post Plastic Surgery patients.

However, her most noted endeavor was opening and successfully operating the 1st Med Spa in Boca Raton, Florida for 11 years. In order to pursue her passion she transferred ownership of her Florida spa and set out on a quest to create a Paraben free – Toxic Free, Skin, Body and Hair Care Line!

Vicki is currently in Guanacaste, Costa Rica where she is instructing Costa Rican estheticians to apply her scientific formula for ageless skin care while assisting in the promotion of the Spa at Hotel Flamingo, Guanacaste in conjunction  with Vector Voyage where she inspired the concept and treatment methods.

Vicki confirms, “Thankfully, my timing couldn’t  have been more perfect!”  She is sought out by celebrities and discriminating men and women who demand simply the best skin care products.  Nayked Botanicals ™ are forging a trail in the “GO GREEN” market.  Here is a rare and beautifully rendered product that truly delivers on all it promises.

Her devoted clientele says they immediately feel the tingling sensation of the anti-aging active ingredients working to expose our beautiful skin that is hiding within. While companies may claim “Natural” or “Organic” it behooves one to look very closely at all their ingredients contained on those miniscule labels.  One will  find that many still have toxic and abrasive chemicals in their ingredients.  She opines, “That’s why we, ‘GO NAYKED’.  We have nothing to hide, and neither should your skin care!”100% Vegan and made in the USA, Nayked Botanicals is committed to illuminating the way to a Healthier and more Natural YOU!

In  collaboration with Kacie Scweikhardt and Andrea Guardino, Vasaliki will be preciding over the Bountiful Beauty Retreat at the Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa in Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica in November 2014.  Space is limited so please make reservations early.  Starting at $3995.00.

  • Costa Rica Connection - Flamingo Spa & Resort, Founder
  • Origin - Greece