Serge Dulac

Author, Inspirational Agrarian healer & Renowned entertainer,

Serge Dulac, Royal REidinger and Lucas Dulac, are sponataneous residents of their Cocao turf, in the Talamanca (canton) in Limón Province of Costa Rica, Home of the indigenous Bribri tribes, a Vector Voyage off road film and photo safari is in the making for the latter part of the winter 2014  to coincide with a healing crop of rich and buttery Cocao Beans is on the horizon

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of The Beatles ‘British Invasion’, the official title of this year’s San Diego County Fair is THE FAB FAIR 2014; the ex-Changing of the Guards brought in June of this year an irreverent take on Monty Python to the San Diego Fair.   A performance that inspires hilarity to unsuspecting audiences from Tokyo to Timbuktu, and points in between says Royal Riedinger.

Under the direction of creator Serge Dulac, The ex-Changing of the Guards is an enduring and engaging interactive outdoor show. It features two charming English Palace Guards and their neurotically addled chief with  an epicurean display of British-style physical humor.  Precision marches peppered with surprises, take the performers through the crowd, caught unawares.  All the activity unfolds from inside and outside a sentry box propped on the sidewalk.

Two original songs by French composer Lucas Dulac ( are stand alone crowd pleasers.  Brilliantly interactive;  an unsuspecting  member of the audience is recruited into the action and rises to become the star of the show. The 30 minute act, including memorable photo opportunities is  performed four times daily.

Unity Productions, headquartered in Kissimmee, Florida with satellite offices in the EU (Lyon, France) and Osaka, Japan is a standard bearer in interactive, pop-up street entertainment since 1994.  They are in demand by clients that range from Walt Disney, Universal Studios Japan, SeaWorld, Dollywood theme parks to international corporations with  Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, Cirque du Soleil among them.  Unity Productions has been retained by the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and the Ryder Cup.

 Always an innovator, Serge Dulac pioneered this art form in which four unique art genres – Sculpture, Acting, Commedia Dell’ Arte & Street Theater – combine to craft a singular magical experience.  These dynamic and copyright-protected shows have entertained countless audiences from international diplomats to Hollywood divas, from corporate icons to giggling kids, from radiant brides to theme park veterans.  One thing they all have in common is they go away either thrilled, amazed or at the least feeling , in the sage words of Billy Holiday, “Life is worth Living, just smile”.

To participate in the off road Safari to Talamanca Coffee and Cacao Plantations, contact 561-465-5979, all inclusive 7 days, starting at $3995.00.

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