Michael Merrins

Michael Merrins- Michael Merrins- A handcrafted original.  Father is  Bel Air Country Club Emeritus, Eddie ‘L’il Pro’ Merrins and Mom, Lisa Merrins, a former member of the famed New York Copacabana chorus line. Michael is an original Beverly Hills Golden Boy in the image of his mentor James Dean. An actor, model and inveterate golfer he has straddled the world of professional sports and movieland with equal ease.  Triple distilled, perfectly aged and elegantly packaged; Michael Merrins is simply perfect.  A consummate story teller and photographer he regales Vector Voyage  guests with anecdotes about Betty Davis , Jack Nicholson, Joe Pesci and Katherine Zeta Jones/aka Douglas.  The latter who were given golf tips by his father, L’il Pro known as , ‘the last gentleman of golf’. He plans outings on the greens, yachts and Costa Ricas secret hideways that feel the slow downed pace and the spaceof the country.  His itineraries can get a bit manic, but those with stamina will not be disappointed.  Merrins is the unrivaled best accompaniment to the most elegant Costa Rica venture that your  imagination could conjure up.  He is Global currency as a Costa Rica insider, par excellence.