Lucas Dulac

Lucas Dulac _Band_Vector Voyage_Costa RicaHis youthful years does not belie the fact that Lucas Dulac is aCover Image_Lucus Dulac_Vector Voyage_ Photograpger and Musician seasoned soul.  He has a curator’s sensibility with copious talents that are once photographic, musical and as a consummate visionary inheritate from his father Serge of Unity Productions.   With French, Floridian and Costa Rican influences in  almost equal measure, Lucas Dulac’s  perspective is as a seasoned observer of high style; set against a backdrop  of  water color days, where the pooling of wet humidity, the grandeur of  foaming surf, blend into a endless horizon that surround his families Cacao Plantation in Talamanca.  Each hour a fluid exercise in complete serenity, the ultimate amenity.

  • My Skills - Photographer, Music Composer and Performer
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