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Spin the Globe- Cambodia, Vietnam, Cancun, France , or Mt. Hood’s Warm Spring Native American Reservation, Costa Rica – Kacie has been there. Kacie Schweikhardt (Kacie J. Lives) lives and breathes Yoga and Pilates.   As a segment producer of YogaAnytime.com she studied under Ganga White, Tracy Rich, Kira Ryder. She is a mentor & guide for Vector Voyage’s Bounty Beautiful Retreats; sponsored by Flamingo Spa & Resort and precided over by Vasiliki Karlin of  Nayked Botanicals and the NAPWs Andrea Guardino.

With both her parents’ career academians, Kacie Schweikhardt has no fear of exhibiting her brains, beauty and Brit’s dry wit.  As a NYC fashionista she honed her ability to execute complex, sophisticated and beautifully orchestrated yoga retreats, fashion pastimes and philanthropic endeavors. A graduate of the University of Santa Barbara’s (UCSB) Globalization department, she held positions at FIT’s Fashion Merchandising department, White Lotus & LuLu Bandhas, Santa Barbara / Ojai. Of French, German & Scottish descent her perspective is global, refreshing and robust. Having traveled the world solo and with her family, she brings creativity and imagination to the Vector Voyage Wellness, Yoga and Bountiful Beautiful Retreats. © in association with Nayked Botanicals and Andrea Guardino of the National Association of American Women. The next B.B. Vector Voyage Yoga/Pilates Retreat is planned for November 2014.   Her most notable undertaking is raising her daughter, Kennedy Lorraine. Kacie is also a dedicated philanthropist with a litany of  celebrated celebrity events. Among them the URI Global 2006 Hollywood Racetrack Fundraiser in support of Stem Cell Research.  Five World Champions distinguished in multi platform sports hosted.  She joined VIPictures, the mothership of   Vector Voyage as a collaborater in producing ArtBasil.org and the SOBE Food and Wine Festival in 2011 and 2013.  She served as co-host of the NYC and Florida Premiere of ‘The Illusionist’ starring Ed Norton and Emily Blount with production by Joey Horovitz and Bob Yari and later the World Premiere of Heather Graham and Carrie Ann Moss’ ‘Compulsion’ with Egidio Coccimiglio directing. For a syllabus and schedule of the Flamingo Resort and Spa Retreat in November 2014 , please email wecare@vectorvoyage.com. Or point to Iconic Itineraries in this website.

  • My Skills - Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructior, Television Producer and shares her favorite Costa Rica haunts.
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