Federico Quevedo Arango

J. Federico Quevedo, carries with him the pride of a family that upheld the integrity of the Colombian Judicial System when resistance during an era of drug fueled bloodletting and corruption came with an ‘expiration date.’. Frederico Quevedo and his late wife, Darlene B.  met and married in Costa Rica over a decade ago.  She, a statuesque Breton blond  and an  cum laude at the University of  Berkeley  this quintessential ‘California Girl’ was also an alumni  of the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and an executive in the Screen Actors Guild.  .  The duo was a triple threat; beauty, brains and thriving in Guanacaste for over a decade.  Hosting many luxuriously, low-keyed affaires attended by their friends were paparazzi diffident Hollywood A ‘listers’.  With Miami only 2 hours from tarmac to tarmac and with a morning departure from Los Angeles arrives in time for brunch, who could resist? The couple’s business interest and expertise in Costa Rica, span Real Estate Investments in San Jose and Guanacaste and Micro loans to sole proprietors of start-up businesses in a market both stable and genteel. With the advent of the internet Liberia Canton became a tropical Silicon Valley, where relaxed deal makers are enabled to watch their investments grow while taking the plunge in the infinity pool.

Six foot four; Federico is a descendent of one of Bogota’s most revered families.  Due in part to their stance in upholding the countries democratic judicial system during the dirty drug being waged between the Narco Guerrillas, Trafficantes and Right Wing Military Wild Wild West style, many innocent casualties were caught in the crossfire.   Never acquiescing to the forces of corruption Quevedo and family immigrated to Costa Rica in the 90’s. He and his large extended family settled in San Jose, Costa Rica’s Capitol city where Federico held the Post of Vice Counsel for a short time before venturing out into several successful entrepreneurial enterprise’s in association with Brad Hogan, Esquire. Frederico and his golden lab ‘Summer’ currently reside on the a Western Intercoastal Channel of the  Palm Beaches with his extended family plying their trade in Architecture, General Contracting and as an active Consultant with Vector Voyage.

  • Origin - Colombia
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