Andrea Guardino

Of Italian and German descent, Andrea Guardino brings to VIPmedicalVacation a sensibility that was taught by her parents Salvatore & her Fabulous Fraulien ‘Mutti’  Anita Annalise.  Of Sicilian and Germanic descent her DNA is evident in her creative largesse, sophistication and incisive business acumen. Andrea was an early Costa Rican convert. She starred in a series of government sponsored promotional campaigns featuring Costa Rica as an unparalleled, unspoiled  travel destination.  It is a testament to the Costa Rican government to have resisted the encroachment of  prospectors  and developers by disallowing any development  along their endless swaths of Coastline preserving the countries patrimony and natural heritage. A Washington D.C. native, Andrea graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Fashion.  She augmented her studies with stints at the University of California with courses in Entertainment, Publicity and Journalism while pursuing acting roles, modeling and a sought after TV spokesperson. Her expertise is in Marketing and PR. Her current role as a Recruiting Director at the NAPW (Nationsl Association of Professional Women) provides the most advanced forum for members to connect with like-minded professional women to develop innovative business and social relationship. Her experience includes working for Niche Media, one of the world’s leading fashion magazine groups, PR for Wolfgang Puck and  creating events in Cannes for films like the 20th year homage to the John Daly Academy Award Winning Film ‘Platoon’.


  • My Skills - Inspirational Speaker, Spokesmodel, Yoga
  • Costa Rica Connection - Featured Actor, Costa Rica Tourism Campaign
  • Origin - Santa Monica, CA
  • Professional Affiliation - National Association of Professional Women