Costa Rica Accredited Hospitals

VectorVoyage Consultancy provides fully vetted, accredited, advanced Medical, Dental and Hospital Care referrals to CIMA & Biblica Hospitals and the most exclusive private practices in Costa Rica. Within minutes of your 4.5 accommodations in San Jose or Guanacaste’s Liberia international airports, Costa Rica has arguably some of the best medical facilities in the Northern & Southern Hemisphere.

VectorVoyage and Associates have a strategic alliance with top hotels, plastic surgeons and dental practices in the region with favored rates to patients VIP and With frequent landings of private aircraft and direct flights from Los Angeles and Ft Lauderdale for less than an entrée at the ‘Ivy’ in Beverly Hills or  SeaSalt and Pepper in Miami you will arrive from tarmac to tarmac its two hours Flat.*

Liberia International Hospital’s fully accredited care is provided in equal measure to Costa Rica’s citizens and inbound patients and is without peer in the Western Hemisphere.

San Jose’s famous CIMA Hospital (in Escazu) opened a satellite in Liberia in 2012. The new private medical facility consists of a laboratory, operating theaters, pharmacy, radiology department, a 24-hour emergency room.  CIMA has exchange agreements with the U.S. Veterans Administration and affiliations with the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

Both Cima and Biblica as well as private practices we recommend have on- premise surgical theaters, laboratory, pharmacy and insurance office to facilitate processing of primary insurance coverage.

Vector Voyage refers patients to Doctors, Dentists, Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas who are consistently named the best in Costa Rica. At VectorVoyage we take incomparable care in matching the patients’ needs with the appropriate and fully accredited cosmetic surgeon, physician or dentist.

However, ultimately the decision is yours, your families and your primary care physicians.  We also have a professional fully bilingual roster of post operative care givers.