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Dr. Ivania SSeptember 8, 2014San Jose, Costa Rica  States, Dr. Ivania S. Tinoco of Clinica Dental in Zapote, San Jose and a recent appointee to the AAAHC Certification Board,  “In addition to meeting and exceeding rigorous accreditation criteria; Costa’s Rica’s private and public dental and medical facilities are on par and in many cases superior to those found in the Northern Hemisphere”.  With Ivania’s husband Dr. Antonio T. Loria, a tenured professor at the Costa Rica University of Dental Medicine,  the dental duo are practitioners of full-facial reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry and cater to their international patient base from their luxuriously appointed offices in one of San Jose’s newest glass and steel high rise structures. Several of the Vector Voyage Consultants including Serge Dulac and his family are pre disposed to highly recommend Dr’s. Loria and Ivania Solorzano having been in their care for over a decade.

kavern Kaver Dental Cosmetic & Implants Dr. Kaver is considered a pioneer in the art of cosmetic dentistry, with over 27 years of professional experience.  Within the esthetic, cosmetic and implant disciplines, he’s regarded in Latin America as the dentist to the “stars”, exclusively performing cosmetic dental procedures on Miss Costa Rica from 1997-2012, national / local TV hosts and models. Dr. Kaver earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Costa Rica Dental School and his post graduate work is USA based, as he is a graduate of the highly regarded Baylor College of Dentistry in Texas. Luis Kaver and his Fellow associates are among Costa Rica’s foremost cosmetic dentists.  They have completed many years of studies in advanced dentistry as well as ongoing seminars and post-graduate training programs.  Dr. Kaver’s system combines different techniques that allow him to create restorations that are not only enduring but aesthetically superior. As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Kaver participates in various symposiums around the world and did his post-graduate studies at the Cosmetic Dentistry College in Baylor, Texas.
These studies have enabled Dr. Kaver to provide his patients with the most innovative restorative techniques available anywhere today. Doctor in Dental Surgery, D.D.S. Universidad de Costa Rica. 1986 Post Graduate Program in Esthetic Dentistry. Baylor College of Dentistry. Texas. 1996.

  • President of AIOI , Academia International de Odontología Integral.
  • Expresident of SOLA International, Costa Rica. Seminarios Odontológicos Latinoamericanos.
  • Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • International Speaker.
  • Winner of GOEH, Global Organization for Excellence in Health. 2005.
  • Winner of “The Bizz Award”, for best enterprise 2007.
  • Quality Certificate, AIOI. 2008.

Patients of DoctorDr. Gerry Guillen is an associate of Dr. Kaver. Dr. Guillen was raised in the US and is a bilingual, licensed dentist (fully fluent English and Spanish).  They specialize in full mouth implants and cosmetic procedures.  Please refer questions to wecare and you wiil be contacted by Dr. Guillen from Kaver Dental Cosmetic and Implants clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica, to inquire about your required procedures, an appointment and assist in applying for dental assurance and coverage.


VectorVoyage  takes pride in referring both Elite Smile Designs, Dr. John G. Sarris, D.M.D. P.A.  (  in Pompano Beach, Florida and Beverly Hills, Dentist Dr. Gennady Fundaminsky, Brighton Way in Beverly Hills, California 90210.

At the turn of the millennium we had the pleasure of providing marketing a patient referrals to one of Beverly Hills most distinguished dentists.  Dr. Gennady Fundimensky’s  practice has been situated in the same location in Beverly Hills for over twenty years and is available for consultations regarding your dental needs. Vector Voyage’s knowledgeable medical consultants recommend you visit Dr. John G. Sarris, D.M.D. P.A. in Pompano Beach, Florida on the South East Coast or Dr. Gennady Funaminsky, D.M.D. P.A in Beverly Hills, California.  Both come highly recommended for a diagnosis and an initial consultation. The decision is yours. 

Bryce Castellanos_Best_Closeup_John G Elite  Smile Designs by  Dr. John G. Sarris, D.M.D. P.A. is conveniently located five minutes from the Ft Lauderdale International Airport .  Dr. Sarris has earned an enviable reputation as one of the region’s most renowned cosmetic and full mouth rejuvenation specialists.   With the launch of Elite Med-Spa and an on premise lab here is a one stop practice  par excellence.

Elite Smile Designs & Med-Spa
722 NE 1st St #1,
Pompano Beach, FL 33062 | (954) 781-6120

Beverly Hills, Dentist
Dr. Gennady Fundaminsky
9615 Brighton Way Suite 216
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 | 310-278-0816

Vector Voyage_A Gennady Fundeminsky Patient_Beverly Hills Dentist_Olga Folga_Actual PatientDr. Gennady Fundaminsky also provides initial consultations to better understand your requirements and budget.  Complimentary x-rays, diagnosis and a treatment estimate are yours so your decision is balanced.  They will also provide the Doctors in Costa Rica with your x-rays as a courtesy to you. You are encouraged to make this important decision with our affiliated USA and/or Costa Rica based Dentists.

Kaver Dental and Impants in and Dr.Ivania Solorzano Tinoco and Dr.’s Antonio Tacsan Loria at Clinica Dental Especialidades in San Jose provide a comparative diagnosis and estimate once they have received your recent digital x-rays.  A decision this crucial should have the benefit of both a USA/Canada and Costa Rica diagnosis given the impeccable credentials and high standards maintained by We stand behind our recommendations. Appointments and referrals 310-2209118 mobile, 561-465-5979 office.

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